To the proponent
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In order to submit your project in plataform, it is underlying that you have your data filled in your profile. Thereby, we can contact you.

After this data is filled, you can start telling us a little about your project, what is the name of it, in which category it fits, how many days and what is the amount to be collected.

Your project will be reviewed by our curator and, after it is analyzed, we will contact you.

Once your campaign proposal is approved, it is essential to create, in case you don’t have yet, a MOIP account in order to make the arrangements to make the payments of your project. If you do not have a MOIP account, simply create it in as seller (it is cost free).

At this point , you will enrich you project’s page, chose a beautiful cover, which will also be the avatar. Complete the description of it and attach a nice video to submit your project. You can also put amazing pictures in a gallery dedicated to your project.

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You can also create rewards for the donator, according to the amount of the donation. You describe the reward of a certain amount.

We suggest you create a thank you message to donors, because they are the ones who will make your project possible .

Throughout the construction of your project’s page, you can see how it is getting so that you only publish it when you are sure that everything is perfect.

Ready! Now just click "Start" and start promoting your project. Good luck!

To the donor

Start exploring our projects e find one that you identify the most. Now, just hit "I want to contribute".

Put the amount you want to donate. Depending on the value, you can get a form of reward defined by the NGO.

You can also donate through a donation card. If you have received one of these cards, please enter its code and continue with the donation.

In addition, you can still contribute to Juntos - if you like - with the value you want, so that we can continue to help social projects for free!

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If you want, your donation can be anonymous on the platform. However, to engage your network and help further the project, show that you helped! Tell your friends!

Do not forget to have your registration complete, so we can identify your donation and take the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter!

Select your form of payment: credit card or billet banking.

Congratulations ! You have just made a donation to one of our social projects and helped transforming realities in Brazil.

Enjoy and meets others at the plataform!